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Seacoast Collegiate High School at NWFSC Expansion Campaign

In our efforts to support our community and complete the Seacoast Collegiate High School Dual Enrollment and Workforce Expansion we are requesting letters of support.  Please use the following documents as tools for your letters.  You may also include the following information regarding our appropriations request:

HSE #877, Sponsored by Florida Representative Abbott
LFIR #2201, Sponsored by Florida Senator Trumbull

Please submit letters, on your letterhead, to Joy Robbins at so that we may pass them on to the necessary parties.

Example Letter of Support                    Top 6 Things to Know About SCHS

A Vision for the Future

Currently, Seacoast Collegiate High School, grades 9 and 10, operates in five classrooms that are leased from Northwest Florida State College on the South Walton Campus. Students in grades 11 and 12 attend classes at Northwest Florida State College on the Niceville Campus.

Funding for capital expansion is required to consolidate students at Seacoast Collegiate High School and expand the collegiate programs to more students in Walton County by adding additional instructional space for students in grades 9 - 12 and the community. An expanded South Walton campus will be the foundation for a collegiate education for all. The campus will offer Seacoast Collegiate High School core high school courses and electives. 

This expansion will create the dual enrollment center of Walton County and will provide resources for small businesses and professionals to thrive in Walton County through the creation of and programming at ”The Accelerator.”

Guiding Principle

Create a learning context that enables students to discover their abilities, interests, learning styles, and ways they can make contributions to society.

Design Vision & Goals

Naming Opportunities

Gifts Required

Gift Size Opportunities
3 $1,000,000 SCHS + Accelerator
1 $500,000 Green Space
4 $100,000 Great Hall + Cafe + SCHS Terrace + SCHS Stage/Arcade
3 $50,000 Team Rooms + Conference Room + Entry Lobby
17 $30,000 General Learning Spaces
7 $25,000 Office + Instructional Spaces
25 $20,000 Office + Instructional Spaces
10 $10,000 Donor Wall w/ Prominent Recognition
25 $5,000 12x12 Donor Wall Placement
50 $2,500 9x12 Donor Wall Placement
100 $1,000 6x9 Donor Wall Placement


To learn more about our plans for growth, please contact Teresa Horton at or 513.578.9555.