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Donor Spotlight

Dr. Rosemary Williams and Mr. David Williams

Dr. Rosemary Williams & Mr. David Williams

The Seaside Neighborhood School would not be here today without the foresight and determination of Dr. Rosemary Williams. She and her husband, David, have been homeowners in Seaside since 1991 and continue to spend their time here and at their home in Pennsylvania. She is the original author of the Seaside Neighborhood School and served as the school’s first principal from 1996 until 1999. 

Dr. Williams’ determination and innovative spirit is shining once again with the $500,000 gift from the Williams toward the development of the Performing Arts Center at The Academic Village at Seaside Neighborhood School. This endeavor will allow students and our community to have creative and performance space for band concerts, plays, strings programs, choral performances and much more. 

“Creating spaces for students to become well-rounded and experience the arts is invaluable during the middle school years. After seeing how the Seaside Schools have enhanced educational experiences for students year after year, we knew that this was a program and plan that we wanted to get behind,” Dr. Williams said. 

Not only will the space be used for school specific programs, but the entire neighborhood and community will benefit from the Performing Arts Center. Giving the Seaside Schools a place for community collaboration simply reinforces the Seaside Way. “My personal feeling has always been that SNS should not aspire to be like other public schools but to be the best at what it was intended to be. The original charter describes this school’s aspirations. Over the years, our school family has brought us forward successfully to this time and place,” Dr. Williams said. 

The Seaside School Foundation is excited to see how this generous and community-minded giving helps Seaside students in their journey to EDUCATE + GATHER + GROW. We are thankful and honored to have our founder and her husband as a part of our rich past, but also our future.