• Seaside Neighborhood School Traditions

    Over the history of the Seaside Neighborhood School many traditions have emerged as the bedrock of our school culture. Often called “The Seaside Way,” students and staff understand that we are a community and that caring for our community is at the heart of everything we do.  

    One of the most beloved traditions is the Thanksgiving Feast. Over 500 people gather to share a meal. This includes current, former, and future Seaside Neighborhood School students and their families, staff members and their families, and community members. This is a time for the entire school community to come together and it is a powerful reminder of all the people who help make our school successful.

    Community Circle Families bring us all together. Instead of traditional “homerooms,” students are members of Community Circle Families. Students will be a member of this “family” for the duration of their time as a Seaside Neighborhood School student. Community Circles meet daily and Community Circle Families gather for holiday celebrations, half-day events, and community service. These regular meetings are a great way for students to get to know students in other grades and teachers who they do not have.

    Eighth grade graduation is another tradition-filled event. Although the location of graduation has changed over the years the heart of the ceremony is the same: students are individually recognized with a personalized Dr. Suess book, peer-selected student speakers speak, and the poem “The Goose” is read. The younger grades all attend graduation serving to show their support and to build their excitement for their own graduation day.

    Community Circle