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    Seacoast Collegiate High School strives to enhance and promote student advancement by providing a scholastic environment that sustains academic excellence, prepares students for post-secondary opportunities, assists students/parents in setting and meeting student goals, and creates a learning context that enables students to discover their abilities, interests, learning styles, and ways that they can make contributions to society.

    In order for our future leaders to be successful in the world marketplace, they must be global and creative thinkers, master communicators, and innovative problem solvers. Seacoast Collegiate High School is a small supportive collegiate environment that fosters a climate of intellectual growth and creativity through the arts, science, technology, engineering, math, and computer science. 

    The collegiate program is for high school students who desire to undertake college-level courses to earn their high school diploma and associate degree.  Students begin the program in ninth and tenth grades with a focus on reading and writing across the content areas, study skills, and core academics.

    Students begin their college program of study at Northwest Florida State College in eleventh grade. In combination with their college classes, juniors and seniors intern with mentors in their field of study; providing practical experience and direction as they move into bachelor and graduate level degrees. 

    Seacoast Collegiate High School’s mission is to help each student develop and grow healthy strengths, skills, and learned abilities while leading students toward the ultimate goal of learning how to learn. Our kids will learn how they function in the context of required and elective structure, how to prepare for and master high-stakes testing, how to prepare for college admissions, and how to position themselves for the job market.