Founded in 1996, The Seaside School, Inc. was one of the first and is now one of the oldest surviving public charter schools in the state of Florida. Its original goal was simple – create a school to address the need for better middle school education in Walton County – and we haven’t stopped since. Seaside School now has over 330 students across two campuses serving grades 5th through 12th. Seaside Neighborhood School serves 5th through 8th grades and is located in the iconic beach town of Seaside, Florida. Located on the campus of nearby Northwest Florida State College, Seacoast Collegiate High School serves 9th through 12th grades offering students the ability to graduate high school with an associate college degree.

    Dr. Rosemary Williams spear-headed the movement to open a small tuition-free neighborhood school in the town of Seaside for middle school students. The school was built from the vision of individuals who recognize that each student can succeed both academically and socially, even when the middle school years are notoriously seen as a time of self-doubt and low self-esteem. It opened its doors as Seaside Neighborhood School to thirty-six students, two faculty members, and one administrator. The first year, the school was housed in two portables on the grounds of Seaside’s Lyceum lawn. Initially, the school served 6th through 8th grades.

    Over the years, Seaside Neighborhood School continued to expand and its students excelled. Ninth grade and then 5th grade were eventually added. The school grew to occupy 3 buildings all in Seaside and housed over 170 students. Inevitably, parents expressed a strong desire to add additional high school grade levels so their children could continue their education in the Seaside tradition.


    The Seaside Schools, Inc. plans to move forward with a renewed case for support. The Campaign for Education & Innovation will be driven not only by short-term needs, but also by a plan of what the future will hold for our Schools. This project includes building new classrooms and renovating our current building to accommodate an increased number of 5th through 8th grade students, adding program space that will be utilized by both the schools and community in the Seaside neighborhood and securing a permanent home for our Seacoast High School Students will continue to be a priority

    Further expanding and improving our buildings allows us to provide a life-changing experience for students across the region. We are truly Charting the Future for all of our children.