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THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™ Celebrates Patrick McCarthy & Serena Richard as Recipients of the Florida Charter Schools Champions of the Year Award

THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™ Celebrates Patrick McCarthy & Serena Richard  as Recipients of the Florida Charter Schools Champions of the Year Award
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THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™, proudly announces that Patrick McCarthy, President of the SEASIDE SCHOOL FOUNDATION™, and Serena Richard, Physical Education and Reading teacher at SEASIDE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL, have been honored with the prestigious Florida Charter School Champions of the Year Award by the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS).

The Florida Charter School Champions of the Year Awards program, established in 2012, celebrates outstanding individuals and companies who embody the finest qualities of the charter school movement. This recognition is a testament to McCarthy's and Richard’s exemplary dedication and contributions to the success of charter schools in Florida.

Both McCarthy and Richard have demonstrated exceptional leadership and passion for education, embodying the core values of the charter school movement and the spirit of excellence and dedication to student success. Their tireless efforts and commitment to innovation, student-centered approaches, and unwavering advocacy for quality education have not only significantly enriched the learning experience for students at THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™ but have made a lasting impact on the community and has served as a beacon for charter schools statewide. 

"We are incredibly proud to see Patrick McCarthy and Serena Richard recognized as Florida Charter School Champions of the Year," said Dr. Tom Miller, Executive Director of THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™. "Their dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment to student success have been instrumental in shaping the educational landscape within our school and local region. This well-deserved recognition highlights their exceptional contributions to our school and the broader charter school community."

McCarthy's visionary leadership as President of the SEASIDE SCHOOL FOUNDATION™ has been instrumental in advancing the mission of providing quality education to students in Walton County. His tireless efforts have significantly enhanced the educational experiences of countless students, and he has been instrumental in leading the Seacoast Collegiate High School expansion project in partnership with Northwest Florida State College. The project is set to open Fall 2025 at the South Walton Campus of Northwest Florida State College and will offer a dual enrollment and workforce development center for the Walton County community. 

Richard, an esteemed educator at SEASIDE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL, has demonstrated exceptional commitment and innovation in teaching Physical Education and Reading. Her passion for fostering holistic development and academic excellence among her students has earned her widespread admiration and respect within the educational community.

McCarthy expressed his gratitude for the honor, stating, "Receiving the Florida Charter School Champions of the Year Award is truly humbling. I accept it on behalf of the many volunteers who have served the school throughout the years to make it the success that it has become. This award is a reflection of our shared commitment to providing high-quality education and expanding opportunities for students throughout Walton County and beyond."

Richard also shared her appreciation, saying, "I am deeply honored to receive this prestigious award. Teaching at SEASIDE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL™ has been a fulfilling journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of our students. This recognition serves as a reminder of the importance of innovative teaching practices and the power of education to transform lives."

The Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) is the leading membership association for charter schools in the state, representing nearly 75 percent of all operating charter schools. Since its establishment in 1999, FCPCS has been committed to fostering high-quality, student-centered charter schools and advocating for the advancement of education in Florida.

In addition to McCarthy and Richard, Annette Railey, Science teacher at Seacoast Collegiate High School, and Kim Mixson, SEASIDE NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL™ Principal and Chief Academic Officer for THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™, were also nominated for the Florida Charter School Champions of the Year Award, underscoring THE SEASIDE SCHOOL™'s commitment to excellence across all facets of its educational programs.

  • Press Release