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Admissions Information

Why do parents choose The Seaside School, Inc.? 

The Seaside School, Inc. is a small community school that has a huge impact on students academically and socially. Our school model is designed based on research to meet the unique needs of adolescents and young adults:

  • Responsive: We make decisions based on what is best for the student learner.
  • Challenging: We set high expectations and advanced learning opportunities for every member of our school community.
  • Empowering: We cultivate an environment where students take responsibility for their own learning and make contributions to their school and global community.
  • Equitable: We provide socially just learning opportunities for every student.
  • Engaging: We work to foster a learning atmosphere that is relevant, participatory, and motivating for all learners.

If you are seeking a place for your child to be educated in a safe, caring learning environment by a top-rated, high-quality teaching staff, then The Seaside School, Inc. is your first choice. Just imagine the adult life your child would have if they went to a school that provided an academic foundation based on strong core values, academic excellence, personal growth, community partnerships, and high character. Plus, at the end of their high school career, they would have earned up to 60 tuition-free college credits, an associate degree, and scholarships to their college or university of choice.

Did you know?

The achievements of the Seaside School's Class of 2023 are nothing short of extraordinary, painting a picture of excellence in education. With 59 graduates, the class boasts a 100% high school graduation and college or university acceptance rate, setting a powerful foundation for future success. An impressive 44 students earned Associate degrees, accumulating a remarkable 3,300 college credits. The financial impact is equally astounding, with an approximate savings of $760,000 in college tuition. Adding to this financial triumph, the class secured an outstanding $3,648,845 in scholarships, showcasing both academic prowess and dedication. Noteworthy is the fact that 34% of the students received the Bright Futures scholarship, earning an additional $260,000 in tuition-free college credits.

The Seaside School doesn't just excel within its student body; it outshines the competition across the state. In the 2022-2023 academic year, it surpassed 98% of public schools in various assessments, including 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade ELA, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th-grade Algebra I, 5th-grade science, and biology. Moreover, the school clinched the top spot in 7th-grade math, secured the 2nd position in 8th-grade science, and claimed the 4th position in 5th-grade math in the state of Florida. A testament to their academic prowess is the perfect score received by all 8th-grade Seaside students on their math end-of-grade summative assessment. 

The open enrollment period for the 2024-2025 lottery is now closed. To join the waitlist for 9th through 12th grades for the 2024-2025 school year, please click here.

Maximum projected student enrollment per grade level for the 2024-2025 school year is as follows:

5TH 6TH 7TH 8TH 9TH 10TH 11TH 12TH
48 48 48 48 100 75 75 65

The Seaside School, Inc. admission policy provides enrollment preferences in the following order:

  1. The Seaside School, Inc. Employee Children
  2. The Seaside School, Inc. Board Member Children
  3. Siblings of Current Students

*Special Enrollment Note: All students living in Walton County are first to enroll. Any out of county students who apply will be placed at the end of the waitlist and offered entry when no other Walton County residents are on the waiting list.

Both schools will be host on campus tours after school hours. A schedule with a sign up link will be made available soon. 

If you would like to be informed about our upcoming information sessions, tours, and lottery application information, please take two minutes to provide us your contact information by clicking the link below.


*Please note, this does not count as a lottery application. The information will be used to stay in touch with you through the open enrollment process. The lottery application period runs from January 5th to February 15th. The lottery application period is now closed.

Each year, the Board of Directors for The Seaside School, Inc., establishes the maximum enrollment capacity limits for both the Seaside Neighborhood School and Seacoast Collegiate High School in compliance with Florida's Controlled Open Enrollment Policy and approved by the Walton County School District.

The open enrollment period for the 2024-2025 lottery is now closed.

Please click the button below to join the waitlist for 9th through 12th grades for the 2024-2025 school year.

Academic Highlights

  • "A" school for 21 consecutive academic years.
  • Top 1% of all Florida public schools in math and science.
  • Our 2023 high school graduates earned over 3,300 college credits, saving them and their families over $760K in college tuition. 
  • Our 2023 high school graduates also earned $3,648,845 in academic and athletic scholarships. 
  • 75% of our graduating class earned their AA degree, providing them automatic entry into any public college or university in the state of Florida.
  • When surveyed, 97% of students stated they feel safe at SCHS.