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The bedrock of our school’s technology are the Google Applications for Education and Chromebooks.  All students and staff have a Google account; we use technology while being cognizant to encourage creation and minimize consumption when using all types of technology.  Students are periodically monitored by GoGaurdian and Bark.

Beginning in middle school, students receive direct instruction on how to use technology as learning tools.  This instruction includes working towards Tosa’s Certification in Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.  As we continue to work towards students being responsible and safe digital citizens, we are expanding our tools to include Tosa’s CyberCitizen Jr Certification and Google’s Be Internet Awesome Curriculum.

By the time student’s reach high school, they have the tools to integrate technology and learning.  In fact, Seaside School is the only Cognia STEM Certification School in Walton County.  This recognition is a result of our thoughtful and integrative approach to technology use for both students and staff.