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Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Our Mission

We seek to sustain an educational community where an emphasis on academic excellence is complemented by our concern for each learner’s personal growth and intellectual, aesthetic, and psychological development. The curriculum is developmentally responsive – actively engaging students in learning skills in context, integrative – directing students to connect learning to daily lives, and exploratory – enabling students to discover their abilities, interests, learning styles, and ways that they can make contributions to society.

Our Vision

The vision of Seaside School is to maintain a small school with faculty knowledgeable about each student’s abilities and challenges so that they can offer increased support to each student to meet those challenges and increase their skills to perform successfully in all academic areas.

Our Core Values: The Seaside Way

The mission and vision of our school is outlined in our founding document - the original charter proposal submitted to the Walton County School District on June 13, 1996. 

View our original charter proposal