• Charter School Proposal

    Our Charter

    In the beginning, a group of concerned parents and other community members began meeting informally to discuss improving the quality of education in Walton County. The meetings began three years before the school's founding in 1996 and continued every six to eight weeks with participation from individuals in Seagrove, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Destin, Freeport, and Niceville, among other places. The message was clear: quality education is a top priority of many citizens (and would-be citizens) of our northwest Florida neighborhoods. Over time, the discussion began to focus on the desirability of developing a small population neighborhood school to serve young people in grades six, seven, and eight.  This culminated with the Seaside Neighborhood School Charter School Proposal presented to the Walton County School District in 1996.

    Below, you can read the original Charter School Proposal and every Charter Contract authorizing Seaside School entered into ever since.