• 2021-2022 Seaside School, Inc. Board of Directors

    Seaside School, Inc. is governed by an 11-15 member Board of Directors, each of whom serve 3-year terms. The Board application period begins each December and runs through February. New Board members are elected each Spring. The Board meets monthly, unless there is a need for additional meetings outside of the regular schedule. All Board meetings are open to the public, and notices for each meeting are posted on the School website and at School campuses.

    Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month at 5:30PM. Members of the public are given an opportunity to address the Board at each meeting. If you would like to schedule a special presentation to the Board, please email boardsec@seasideschools.net.

    Procedures for Public Comment

    Fifteen minutes will be allocated on the agenda for public input at each meeting. Additional time may be added at the discretion of the Chair.

    • Public comment may be oral, in person, or in written form to be read by the Chair.
    • Public comment is limited to no more than 5 minutes per person.
    • It is recommended that public comment be written out and provided to the board following the five minutes to ensure the entire message is heard by the board. 

    Making Public Comment in Person

    • A sign-in sheet will be available at the front office and board meeting. Those wishing to speak will be asked to sign in. The Chair will call on individuals based on the order participants have signed in. 
    • Persons submitting comment by phone call or in writing will be signed in by the Chair. 
    • Each speaker will clearly state their full name and identify which campus their student attends. 
    • All public comment should be factual and should not include personally identifiable information of students or personnel in order to maintain confidentiality. Speakers should avoid using names of students or staff to maintain confidentiality and privacy standards.

      All public comments will be taken under advisement by the Board, but will not elicit a written or spoken response. The names of persons providing public comment and a brief summary of topics or input will be included in the meeting minutes published. A response will be provided to the stakeholder within seven (7) days.

    Specific issues about a particular student should be addressed to the school’s Director of Student Services, rather than the Board of Directors.

    Submitting Written Public Comment

    • The public may submit comment in written form to be read by the chairperson and/or sent to the Chief Executive Officer 48 hours in advance of the meeting if unable to present in person.   All written comments must be submitted by email, mail or dropped off to the school addressed to the board chairperson and received by 3:00 PM at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled meeting.  
    • Any written comments submitted after that time will be read and/or distributed at a later Board meeting. Written input must include the name, address, email address and phone number of the person submitting comment.

      Specific issues about a particular student should only be addressed to the school’s Director of Student Services, rather than the Board of Directors.

    If anyone needs special assistance to participate in the public input session, every effort will be made to provide an appropriate accommodation. When requesting accommodations for public input, please allow no less than 1 business day notice prior to the scheduled meeting.

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