• 2021-2022 Seaside School, Inc. Board of Directors Committees

    The Board of Directors consists of five (5) committees, each of which has various subcommittees, which carry out the work of the Board. The Chair of each committee is responsible for ensuring the committee and relevant subcommittees meet each month and accomplish their ongoing oversight responsibilities and specific annual goals. Committee meetings are posted on the School website and are open to the public. The 2021-2022 Committee Chairs are noted below:


    2021-2022 Committee Goals

    COMMUNICATION: Clarify roles and responsibilities of staff and board of directors for clarity to stakeholders with objectives including:

    • Create and publish an organizational chart
    • Update and share digitally and to the website a current Employee Handbook
    • Identify technology needs and assign responsibilities
    • Update website to include:
      • Roles and responsibilities of staff members
      • Human resources page
      • Streamlines and simplified information
      • School-wide calendar
    • Revise job descriptions and job postings


    ASSESSMENT & INSTRUCTION PRACTICE: Improve pass rates across all subgroups through the use of focused instruction and experiential learning with objectives including:

    • Increase pass rate (+3) by 2% on 2021-2022 end of the year state exams
    • Increase average scaled scores by 2 points for all students in each grade level
    • Increase percentage of learning gains for the lowest performing 25% of students in each grade level in math and ELA
    • Increase the pass rate (+3) by TBD on 2021-2022 AP exams
    • Conduct Professional Learning Communities focused on Learning Targets
    • Provide quarterly experiential learning opportunities for each grade level. This could include but is not limited to field trips, service projects, guest speakers, mentorships, and/or simulations


    CULTURE & COMMUNITY: Formalize and grow long-term community partnerships with documented agreements with objectives including:

    • Outline a plan to proceed with the executed 2017 land donation agreement with SCDC
    • Agree to and sign an MOU with Northwest Florida State College to partner on an expanded South Walton Campus
      • Increase high school enrollment through student recruitment efforts to increase enrollment by 10%
      • Establish classes and programming to support experiential learning at the high school and support the concepts of “The Accelerator”
    • Work with the Seaside School Foundation to secure funding and garner community support for the annual race, campus expansion projects, and endowments
    • Re-engage community organizations to participate in the mentoring program (5-8)
    • Establish hosts for Friday student internships in a wide variety of fields (11-12)
    • Establish or expand formal partnerships with service organizations so that students can participate in quarterly days of service (9-10)
    • Foster a working relationship with Walton County School District to support professional development, exceptional student education, and safe school initiatives
    • Create a school-wide scope and sequence of foundational experiences for each grade level to connect our students with the community-at-large and engage stakeholders in our students’ success


    STUDENT & SCHOOL: Commit to maintaining safe and secure schools to enhance the learning environment for students and staff with objectives including:

    • Offer and document curriculum on state required student health and wellbeing topics
    • Use web-based curriculum resources (Suite 360 and Naviance) to distribute lessons on student health and wellbeing and long-term/short-term goal setting
    • Find creative solutions for our unique safety challenges